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Affinity Global . Rashi Peripherals . Fractal Analytics

RadioJitter . RadioLocus . SixerClass

Service 01

Develop Custom Electronic Hardware

We design, prototype and establish supply-chains & manufacturing processes for custom hardware innovated for your specific use cases. Our electronic engineers and hardware designers are experts in low power devices, sensor based products, wireless devices, PCBs, firmware, IP67 enclosures, electrical drive controls and mechatronics system.

Service 02

Build User Experience & Interactions

We work with your teams & customers to come up with the best user experience. Live designs simplifies communication between all of us. We cover every step of design for mobile, web and wearables.

UX/UI, Information Architecture, Wireframes, Mockups...

Service 03

Software For Every Platform

Users nowadays expect a product to be available on all the platforms. Let your nice requirement be about offline first or API only, micro-services or Integrations of existing third party products, mobile or web — ask what you want and we will provide you the solution.

Service 04

Continuous Engagement

We love working with early stage startups to build their SaaS products from day one to growth phase. Along with the design-tech support, we help them curate in-house teams for design, tech and tech support.

We have hybrid pricing model for this — Cash + Equity or Profit Sharing.

Service 05

Weekend Projects

This might be the most fun part of working with us. Do you have an idea and just want to test it out in the market? We work as a hackathon buddy with your team and launch a product in 36 hours.

We have flat pricing model for this.