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Are you working on new startup product or doing a research project in software or electronic hardware? Kamui Tech can help you in different aspects of product development - designing, building and training


UI/UX Design

Everything a user try to do on your app or website is a story. A story in which user is trying to accomplish something and the easy and efficient it is for her to do that, the better the user experience. Fundamentally, as long as it works and it’s fast, no user will complain up front. There is always a scope in any product to improve UX.

Cloud to Mobile Development

We do work with business teams, startup founders to help them launch digital products without pain on time. We are experts in web app, mobile app, API endpoints, test case automation and scalable infrastructures.

Data Sync

Mobile first or cloud first solutions needs a way to sync data across multiple devices. Paid services like Realm or free ones like Firebase have their use cases and limitations. We understand the domain and this technical niche. We have build offline first mobile apps multiple times curated for specific use cases of the clients.

Electronics Product

Simple or complicated electronics, smart or dumb, battery operated or powered, communication enabled (wired or wireless) and combination of all. We take care of electronics design, PCB Design and Firmware development. Please reach out to us there is something not mentioned here.

Mechatronics Product

If there is an Idea which include a moving or heating element in it, we will be very keen to work on it ! Let it be 3D printer or drone, we can make one for you!

System Integration

If you have various physical or information elements in your industry or commercial place, which you need to work with each other or there is need to monitor them. Through our combination of Hardware and Software expertise we can integrate them and even create an interface for you to monitor or control your system.

Industrial Design

No product goes out of the door without a protection or cover. We can develop enclosure which are preferably innovative, great design good user interface and feel, manufacturability and protection from the environment.

Rapid Prototyping

If there is a need to manufacture small quantity of units for idea testing, feedback, exhibit etc. We can help you get the electronics and enclosure manufactured and the whole product assembled from our network of 3D Printing services and EMS Providers

Manufacturing Planning

We can help you figure out and plan on how the product will be manufactured on the ground. This included processes to be used, source of parts and manufacturing assets, assembly process etc. This will be very specific each product so please reach out to us for better understanding. Leave it to us to setup most cost efficient manufacturing chain setup.

Tech Partner - Product Idea, Design, Development & Deployment

Properly planning out a product architecture, development plan and life cycle is going to save a lot of trouble time and money for you. We help in deciding how a product will work, what technologies to use, what will be the life cycle, sizzling, operation cost, manufacturing cost, recycling process etc.

Risk Assessment

We help you evaluate which part of your product is most likely to misbehave, most likely to fail soon, outdated technology, part deprecation, susceptible to possible government policy change, environmental risks, lack of configurability, susceptibility to manufacturing errors etc Please reach out to us for further discussion.

Review Service

We review your product architecture, hardware design, firmware design, code review etc, and give you feedback on possible improvement, mistakes, data security, scalability, manufactuability susceptibility to manufacturing errors etc.

Product Testing

We can test your product for things like unexpected usage, matching with design and user requirements, protections, rough usage etc. Basically we will try to find as many possible ways as we can of how your product can break or misbehave in real work usage.

Test Case Automation

We can help your development and operations team to be more confident about changes made into growing products on a daily basis. We can set up CI/CD for your product, cover automated test cases - unit, integration, end-to-end and release cycles.

Data Audit

We can help you to analyze and take action on data points. We provide services like deduplication, fake information detection, invalid and corrupt data point detection, identification of archivable data which you can store on less frequently accessed storage like cloud provider’s cold storage solutions.

Software Migration

As your customer size grows and dev team find it hard to maintain existing tech stack so support increasing traffic, you should consider software refactoring. We can analyze your existing tech and propose you a solution which will incrementally migrate your code base and data to new architecture. You can always be sure

  • Programming fundamentals
  • Firmware design, development and testing
  • Master one language for all cloud, browsers & mobiles
  • Test case automation
  • Digital product design
  • Digital product development
  • Hardware product design
  • Hardware product development
  • Ruby on rails master course
  • Tech team workflow - learn to be better team lead

How We Work?

We enjoy working with founders and startups teams (70% of our client base). Said that, we are actually doing research level project with some MNCs.

Once a conversation starts with prospect or existing client about a project, we go through the following steps:

  • Project Scope & Pricing Model
  • First Deliverable
  • Quote
  • Advance Payment
  • Incremental Deliverables
  • Approval & Final Deployment
  • Support & Further Engagement

Meet The Team

Kamui Tech is founded by two enthusiastic, super hard working tech nomads. They share common passion for how we can use and improve technology to solve civilization's different problems. And both are anime fans! You too can join the Kamui Team as engineer, business developer or designer, let us know your availability for a quick meet over a cup of coffee by emailing us at cto@kamui.tech.


Founder &
Product Designer

Ashish is an expert in building SaaS products. He has experience of building ground station as a community project.

He plays different roles based on requirements of product stages. He could be a go to person for UI/UX, software engineering, product analytics and, marketing.


Founder &
Product Manager

Vidit is an expert in building IoT products. He has experience of handling manufacturing to sales of physical products.

He handles different dimentions of the business. He could be a go to person for electronic hardware engineering, mechanical enrineering and, finance.


If you think we should be working together on interesting project, please let us know by sending email to hi@kamui.tech

To know more about what talent we are scouting, check out out jobs listing

You can come to our Mumbai based office anytime to sip a cup of coffee with the team. Our Mumbai address is

5th Floor, WeWork, Spectrum Tower
Malad West, Mumbai 400064
MH, India

Are you in the startup city of India? Meet us at

2nd Floor, 1738, Garden Layout
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